Drukpa Tsheshi 2023

Drukpa Tsheshi is observed to celebrate the auspicious day when Lord Buddha gave his first sermon of the Four Noble Truth to his first five disciples at the Deer Park at Sarnath. Commemorating this sacred event that reminds every human being about nobility, mankind, and a righteous way of life. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year by Ghyalsumdo Sewa Sanstha USA with great enthusiasm.

This year event was held on Friday, July 21, 2023 at Ghyalsumdo Sewa Sanstha USA hall where more than 80 Ghyalsumdo members were presented to offer worship. The puja was initiated by Lopon Gyurme Chodrak and Lama Tenzin. This year puja was sponsored by Mrs. Tharpa Lama, Mrs. Konchok Bista, Mrs. Chhomu Lama, Mrs. Dolkar Lama, Mrs. Nima Lama, Mrs. Chawang Buti Lama and Mrs. Chundi Sherpa.

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